Predicador: Especiales

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Predicador: Especiales


The celebrated Spanish drama ‘Predicador’ is back with its second season, and many fans of the show are thrilled. With each passing episode, the show seems to be reinventing the way Spanish television shows tells captivating stories.

The second season of ‘Predicador’ is a mini-series composed, unlike the 16 episodes that make up the first season. Six different illustrative vignettes are featured in this edition, each with its own creative theme. Adding to the excitement is the fact that an all-star roster of directors is featured in the special episodes, including Mercedes Alonso, Joaquín Oristrell, Belén Macías and Ramón Salazar.

Speaking at a press conference held in Madrid to announce the launch of Predicador: Especiales, executive producer Elena Sainz said it was very exciting for the team to bring together all these talented directors for such an extraordinary project.

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for us to explore new scenarios for our story with some exceptional directors who were willing to go beyond the traditional boundaries set by our first season,” said Sainz. “Every episode is unique, highlighting our strengths as well as weaknesses of human nature. This is something that isn’t typically seen in any TV series.”

Airing on Nov 3rd, Predicador: Especiales looks set to capture Spain’s imagination as it dives into complex themes of crime and justice which will keep viewers gripped. Be sure to mark it in your diaries!

The Jesuit priest, Mario Ríos García, known to most simply as Father Mario or “el Padre Mario”, has been offering spiritual guidance and spiritual advise through his television program, “Predicador: Especiales” for over 35 years now. Originally aired in 1984 on the TV channel Canal 13 in Costa Rica, Father Mario’s program has long helped Catholics find answers to stand-alone questions related to religious topics and concerns.

The 60 minute program start’s off with a brief introduction of Father Mario at the lectern of his church’s altar. He then invites people to email the program or call in their religious questions. He or his guest priest will then address the inquiries during the show. By blending age-old moral values and Christian principles with timely current events topics, Father Mario underscores the relevance of religion in today’s society for Catholics around the world.

Father Mario does not shy away from addressing controversial subjects either – as seen with his special feature on sensitive topics such as same-sex couples getting married in the Church. His aim is not to deliver sermons; rather, his intent is to guide his audience with advice that’s been rooted in centuries of religious teachings and Judeo-Christian values.

In addition to topical discussions on religious matters, Father Mario’s show also host frequent devotional praying activities — most notably during Holy Week and Christmas — featuring church choirs and behind-the-scenes visits to some of Costa Rica’s oldest and most beautiful catholic churches.

Over the years, “Predicador: Especiales” has remained one of Costa Rica’s most iconic television programs due its earnestly wholesome content and its humanitarian outlook: significantly impacting viewers within and beyond Catholic boundaries. It continues to be one of the top three most watched programs in Latin America since its debut more than three decades ago — a testament to Father Mario’s unrelenting devotion to his Christian mission.